18 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 18 months old today!

Lyla James you are finally showing some interest in walking- you cruise around on the furniture and love to hold our hand and walk, especially when everyone claps for you!

You LOVE Elmo and find your Rock and Roll Elmo first thing every morning when you get up..you push the button until it plays your favorite song and sing and dance like crazy over and over.
You are also crazy about your Daddy and brother- no one else exists if they are in the room...the feeling is mutual. 
When we ask where someone or something is, you put your hands up by your shoulders and say, "I no know."  You also say "cheese" when you see the camera.

Mary Connor, you are a busy, busy little sweet...you run so fast it's hard for me to keep up with you, especially on crutches!  
You push the shopping cart around at lightening speed loading and unloading all of the treasures you find throughout the house.
You are talking up a storm...what's this, who's that, stop (specifically when LJ is taking something from you!), and tonight you said Mark to Uncle Mark who is here visiting.

Showing where your noses are...

I am amazed at how much you both have grown up over the past few months and want to freeze you both at this precious age, but I know it's just going to get better and better!  You both bring so much joy and laughter to our family and we love you all so much!