Mr. Longarm

I've been working in our master bedroom for the past few weeks and hope to be able to show y'all some pictures soon, but in the meantime I wanted to pass on a great little tool I heard about through Linda at It All Started With Paint.
The room has lots of painting to be done- the ceiling, walls, trim, and built-ins, so I being the ever-patient-one that I am decided to attempt the walls and let a pro come in for the rest. Obviously, I can't climb on a ladder with a broken leg, so I used the Mr. Long Arm Brush and Tool Holder to attatch the brush to an extension pole for cutting in and it worked great!  Of course, there are some places that it got on the crown molding, but it's fine since that has to be painted anyway. 
Sometimes being impatient has it's benefits, don't you think?