I started to write this post last night, but then a storm hit our area and we lost power until this morning when we found out it was actually a tornado that came right through our neighborhood and brought down many trees and caused tons of damage.  We were so blessed and didn't even lose a limb from our big, old trees.

We enjoyed a beautiful day today to that has me wanting to get my hands in the dirt and plan some outdoor projects. I've been worried that my leg is going to prevent that from happening, but guess what? At my check-up with the doctor today, he wants me to drop the crutches and just walk in the boot when out in public and around the little one's and use one crutch without the boot the rest of the time...whoo hoo! I couldn't wait to get home to try walking with my bare foot, but it took me forever to work up the nerve to take a step because I was so afraid the plate and rod would break or something. Of course it didn't and I've been cruising around every chance I get...I find it ironic that LJ and I are learning to walk at the same time!

To add to a very excellent day, I was given this blog award by a friend and blogger I admire so much.

Liebster is a German word that means dearest or favorite.  After receiving the reward, I am to share my favorite blogs with you and introduce you to the sweet friend who passed this award on to me.

1. My Barefoot Farm Samantha is a mom to 7 who homeschools, keeps bees, raises chickens, and quilts..just a few of the things that she writes about and why I keep threatening to show up on her doorstep to try and absorb some of her talents and knowledge!  Thank you, Samantha!
2. Team Skelley the blog  Katie and I grew up together and I love seeing and reading about her life with her husband and 2  cute kiddos.  From fashion to music to party planning ideas, Katie's blog is always a great read!
3.  House of Stephens  Allyson writes about the happenings with her 4 little ones and the 5th on the way...such a sweet family and blog!
4.  Savvy Little Women and One Little Man  Kate's blog is the first multiple multiples blog I ever read and I continue to look to her for inspiration in these crazy days.  Not only does she have 2 sets of twins, but she also has two other children.  Her blog is so honest and I love her outlook on being a mother.


Katie said...

I am so honored! Thank you, Michelle! XOXO

momto8 said...

congrats to you!! and spring is coming and I'll be in the dirt too..and will be happy about it too!