Homemade Laundry Detergent

After seeing many recipes for homemade laundy detergent on Pinterest and other blogs, I decided to give it a try back in October.  For some crazy reason, I am always quick to dismiss homemade cleaning solutions thinking they don't work as well or are a pain to make.  After using this laundry detergent for 4 months, I think I might be cured of that thinking!  It works so much better than regular detergent and costs just a few dollars.
Samantha at Barefoot Farms has a great post with her recipe and a step-by-step tutorial, plus her blog is so inspiring and I wish I could accomplish half of what she does in a day!

Just in case you are like me and think it will take a lot of time, I timed myself yesterday and it took 15 minutes start to finish...15 minutes every 4 months plus all of the money saved?   Yes, I can do that....


Sam I Am said...

Thanks Michelle! It is a great soap for a great price! Glad your leg is healing!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

So many of my friends are trying this right now...I may have to try this as well. I will have to look for that recipe. Thank you for sharing this.