3 Random Thoughts On This Beautiful Tuesday

1.  While I was at physical therapy this morning, I was doing my exercises beside two girls who are athletes at a college in town.  They were discussing their injuries- one was injured during a soccer game and the other while at lacrosse practice.  Then they turn to me, "How did you break your leg?"  I was really, really tempted to make up a story about falling during a marathon or something equally admirable, but took the high road and said, "Oh, I was just walking down a driveway."  To which one of the girls replied politely, "Well, when you get older, you do have to be careful."  Yes, Maw-maw needs to be more careful, apparently.

  Since seeing this lamp on pinterest, I am totally obsessed with it and have spent the afternoon trying to find a place for it.  Nevermind that I have 10 lamps sitting in my attic that I can not part with...if you know the source for this lamp please let me know...

 So true and well said.

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!


Unknown said...

I'm not sure where this lamp is from, but I definitely LOVE it! I don't loose track of time on blogs very often, but your blog has swept me away! LOVE it!!! Congrats on two precious sets of twins and I love your mood boards!!! SO happy to "meet" you and happy to be your newest follower!

XO, Aimee