"Snow" Day

Yesterday evening we got a rare treat for Georgia, especially in December.  On our way to church it was sleating/raining and because it was so cold, the roads quickly became a icy.  After we ate dinner (of course we had to eat!), the children's choirs sang their Christmas carols and the rest of the night's classes were cancelled due to the weather.  Luckily, we had no trouble getting home. 
A couple hours later they cancelled school.  Anna Cate and Brian were already asleep so they didn't find out until this morning.  We spent the day making roll-out sugar cookies, goody bags for their class mates, and treats for their class Christmas parties.  It was so fun to get to spend the day with all of my little people and even though my whole kitchen is covered in frosting and sprinkles, it was worth it.
Brian and Anna Cate eating cookie dough from the beaters.  Brian grabbed Anna Cate's the moment she turned to pose for the picture- you can imagine the drama that followed.......

The captive audience