A Very Merry Christmas

Tracking Santa on Norad

Birthday cake for Jesus
Ready for Christmas Eve Service at church.  I'll tell the story of how we almost ignited the church another day.

Opening 2 gifts Christmas Eve:  new pjs and a Christmas book
Leaving "magic food" for the reindeer
Lyla James and Mary Connor love their  Bumbo seats from Santa.  It 's so funny to watch them sit and look at each other!
Anna Cate and Brian- my worst fear has come true...they won't talk to me at all when these things are turned on!
Please look at this snow!  I really think this was the first white Christmas for all of us.

The babies opening their presents
Another view of the snow. 

This is me.
Brian got a Huffy Green Machine from Santa.
I decided it would be great fun to show him how to use it going down our really steep driveway in the snow.
Unfortunately, it flipped and broke.
Tomorrow I will be going to Toys R Us and buying another one.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


Shan said...

Darn it! Hope he likes his *new* new present! Loved the pics and can't wait for the igniting the church story. Hopefully it is (or will become) one of those "look back and laugh" stories).

Unknown said...

Of course, the store is having order it but he is waiting patiently. I feel awful!