7 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 7 months old today!

Girls, you both are busy bees!  You are sitting up by yourselves and MC you go from sitting up down to your stomach, if you really want to reach something. 

You all are interacting with each other a lot lately and it is hilarious to watch.  Lyla James, you make this scrunched-up face and blow in and out of your nose and MC cracks up every time you do it.  Which, of course, makes you do it more. 

You both babble and "sing" all the time.  When y'all hear music you both rock back and forth dancing. 
Lyla James, when we say, "love your momma," you put your arms around my neck and your mouth on my face....it is precious and I make you do it 867 times per day.

Lyla James, you have 2 teeth.  Mary Connor, you are still working on yours....hopefully soon!
Y'all are still on a good schedule and typically sleep about 11 to 12 hours at night with 2 to 3 naps during the day. 
You both seem to enjoy solid foods and love sitting at the table in your highchairs.  Anna Cate and Brian switch out who sits with who at dinner every night...it's too funny to watch you all with them!

It is such a joy to watch you both grow and we love you more and more every day!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, just adorable! Love Mary Connor holding her feet up and love that they crack each other up. You are such a precious family!!
Lauren S.