Inside My Mind

If the title has you thinking this is going to be a deep, intellectual post, you are about to be very disappointed.

I have been trying to sort through the massive amounts of outgrown baby clothes we have and pick out things I could get rid of, but then decided I'm just not ready to part with them yet.  Well, last night I had a dream that I went in our attic and up pops a squirrel in a pink smocked bubble and bonnet.  It ran down the stairs and out the front door while I was screaming, "No, you can't take that!"  It's official...I need therapy over my obesession with baby clothes. 

Excuse the lack of posts for the past few days, but we started working on a few projects in the kitchen and I have been consumed. Pictures to come soon....


Andrea said...

This made me smile! I am the exact opposite! I have a girl I work with that has a son and daughter younger then my 2, so at the end if each season I bring all clothes to her. I have kept a few things, but very few. Baby clothes are the BEST though.

Unknown said...

I need to follow your example! I have passed a lot of things on to my sister's baby who is a few months younger than the girls, but it's hard to part with some of them!