Spring Cleaning

Thank you all so much for the emails about how I'm feeling.  I am much, much better.  Maybe because I slept more in 2 days than I have ever in 7 years? 

At any rate, I woke up this morning at 4am ready to tackle spring cleaning. 

I don't know why but every spring I'm ready to get rid of all the clutter and clean!  Well, this year it could be that since T moved his office home (which we love and wish we had done sooner), our garge is bulging with furniture and our house is bulging with primary colored toys (which we love, but must part with some.)

It was a cold, rainy day here so we were able to get everyone's closets cleaned, de-cluttered, and changed over for spring and summer.  Plus, I got a lot of the cedar closet (where we store our out-of-season clothing, since our house older and apparently people didn't have as many changes of clothing as we do today or maybe those mothers had more control when it comes to sweet children's clothes? there may be a lesson here) and attic de-cluttered.  Hoping to get to the rest of the attic tomorrow afternoon.

I have planned out the remainder of my spring cleaning and thought I would share since a) it will keep me accountable b) I would love to have company!  If any of you want to use this list for inspiration and tweak it your own house or share your own game plan, the more the merrier! c) I'm going to do a Caldrea giveaway for those who participate!  If you have never used used these products, believe me they are wonderful.  I love the Lavender Pine and am sad to see they no longer carry the wood polishing cream...it is great and I need it back!  If you a dork and love homekeeping books, like me, read Spring Cleaning: The Spirit of Keeping the Home.  It is really great!  I have seen it at our library (yes, I am a proud owner of this book)  Lovin' the (parenthesese) today!

Ok,, here is the plan:
** I have given myself lots of extra days in some rooms because some need to have doors painted, the whole room painted, light fixtured replaced, etc. and I'm hoping to be able to incoorporate all of this together.  Plus, some days it will just not happen.  Need I say more?

March 25:  All Closets
March 26-27: Attic and Cedar Closet
March 28-31: Kitchen
April 1: Laundry Room
April 2-3:  Outside Patios and Entrances
April 4 :  Laundry Room
April 5-7:  Living Room
April 8-9: Outside Landscaping
April 10: Living Room
April 11-14:  Dining Room
April 18-21: Master Bedroom
April 22-23:  Master Bath
April 24-26:  Hallway- I'm sure this you're thinking, why 3 days for a hallway?  Well, this hallway has the most preious built-in gun cabinet and ammunition cabinet below it that desperately needs to be cleaned out as I use it for wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, and who knows what else.  Plus, it needs to be painted and the lightight fixture is driving me crazy.
April 27-28: B's bathroom
April 30-May1:  B's bedroom
May 2-3:  AC's Bedroom
May 4-5:  Get ready for yardsale
May 6:  Yardsale and take thing to donate. 
May 8-9:  Nursery
May 10-11:  Office- this will get tricky as Todd will be working in the office.
May 12:  Catch-up
May 13:  Catch up
May 14-15: Garage- I have learned that it's best to time this after the yardsale because there inevitably be stuff lingering.....

Whew!  I'm going to be ready for vacation!  Most of you will probably beat me to the finish line but I hope you join me anyway!!


Krystle said...

wow! i don't have a clue when i'll have time for spring cleaning again but you have given me hope haha!

Unknown said...

Well, this is just a goal, so we will see!