Spring Break Part 2

Wednesday I loaded the kids and all 20 of our suitcases back in the car to visit my family in Tennessee.  Luckily this trip didn't include flat tires or strange road side assistance men since I was by myself!
This will be a pictureless post because halfway there I realized I had forgotten to bring my camera....ugh! 
We had a great time......My grandmother, aunt and uncle are in from New York, so they got to see the babies for the first time.  The kids were so excited to see their cousins and we got to celebrate Eva's 3rd birthday with her on St. Patrick's Day.
Is it normal to get so homesick when you haven't lived at home for so many years?  Honestly, I cry every time we leave.I just love being with our family and wish so badly that we lived closer.


Katie@Yoga Gal said...

I am always happy to see the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign. It is so funny, when we are young we cannot wait to leave, but now that we are older, we appreciate the community so much more. I don't think that I realized how lovely FC was until I was gone a few years- growing up surrounded by a mountain and a lake, what a beautiful landscape!

Andrea said...

Love your new blog header picture! Too sweet! Glad you all had a great spring break!

Unknown said...

Katie- I totally agree!

Andrea- thank you!