A Day Full of Christmas

This morning we woke up to find Frosty, our elf, was a busy bee during the night....

 he rolled the hallway to the children's bedrooms with toilet paper!

We headed out to do some Christmas shopping and to get our tree.  My safety-first husband watched several videos on Christmas tree safety before we left and insisted on getting LCD lights and using ribbon for the ornaments instead of hooks.

LJ is apparently making her list....and tearing up the magazines because that is so fun!

MC seems to be getting some ideas for her list, as well!

Tonight we will have our traditional tree-trimming dinner:
Tortellini Tapas with Spicy Ranch Dip
White Chili
Candy Cane Breadsticks
Brownies with Ice Cream

Hope y'all are enjoying a wonderful day too!!


Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Hi Michelle,
Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the comment about your husband & tree safety. When my son was a toddler (he is now 17) we removed every single ornament hook & switched to skinny red ribbon. Been that way ever since! Haven't really thought about that in years. It's just our "normal." LOL ~Sally