In this house lately...

Life is looking different in this house lately.
  • The little girls are used to me reading 1 to 2 books during their morning playtime and then rushing to clean a bathroom, floor, whatever...now I have the time to read 6-10 books.
  • The big kids are used to morning cuddling being interrupted by me having to make breakfast, where I am now available, and requesting, cuddling all day long.
  • Todd works from home and is used to scheduled hours of uninterrupted work time in his office...his work time is now interrupted and he is having to make up after the kids are in bed.
This adjustment isn't easy....I am one who loves routine and a schedule, so our children also seem to work best with a schedule, but right now we are in limbo.  It isn't always pretty, peaceful, tempers are brought to the max, tears have been shed, and we are all a little out of sorts.

My temperment is always to see the glass half full, but I will admit, I'm frustrated.  I like a routine, a clean and orderly house, organization...I am a (bit of a) control freak.

 I am a control freak, yet this broken leg is teaching me that being a control freak is keeping me from the most important things...things I have designated time to, but not prioritized in the way I want to.

I have always woken up before my family for my prayer time (and because I am a bit of a bear without a couple cups of coffee), but after 30 minutes, I was off and making breakfast, prayer time over.
I have always read to my children, but after a few books, time to continue cleaning, organizing, whatever.
I have always enjoyed cuddling with my babies, but after a few minutes, my list of chores is weighing over my head and I'm off.

Maybe God is trying to tell me something....maybe I feel life is moving at such rapid speed because I let the little, unimportant things fill my day?


Mel said...

I always like to think of what my sister said to me, "No one on their death bed is ever going to think, man, I wish I cleaned the bathrooms more." I'm sorry to hear about your leg but glad you are able to enjoy more cuddles and reading books :).

Unknown said...

Love that and how true!