New Years Ramblings

Yes, I am writing about my leg, again.  I am sure y'all are sick and tired of hearing about my broken bones, but I love a funny story and wanted to share a couple of funny things that happened while I was at the hospital right after my fall.

I am a whimp when it comes to pain medication.  It isn't the IV or needles that scares me, it's more the loss of control and foggy feeling I don't like.  But, pain medication was absolutely necessary for them to be able to wrap my leg so we could make the drive home and survive the night.   Todd and my Dad had stepped out of the room and after giving me the medicine, the nurse began working on the computer behind me.   I was laying there beginning to feel the effects of the pain medicine when all of a sudden I started hearing  "Amazing Grace."  In my foggy state I thought, am I dying?  Is this the choir of angels?  I called for the nurse and said, "Do you hear Amazing Grace?"  After telling me she did and that it was someone's ringtone in the room next to mine, we both died laughing.
Once the pain medication was in full effect, 2 technicians came in to wrap my leg.  I had to roll onto my stomach, which was excruciating,  and lift my leg, which was even more excruciating (I don't deal with pain real well, obviously) and then they began wrapping my leg which felt like they were twisting my leg around and around.  Suffice it to say I thought I was going to die and braced my good leg against the footboard of the bed and pushed against it as hard as I could (I also bit Todd's hand on accident, oops!)  When they were finished the male technician said "Well, I don't think I'll be having any more kids after that."  I hadn't been pushing as hard as I could on the footboard, I had been pushing on his, yes.  I was purple with emberrassment. Hopefully I don't ever have to go back to that hospital!

So does everyone have big plans for New Years Eve?  We will be spending ours at home, but I am sending Todd out to find some of this...

 and then see if AC and I can figure out how to do it.

Because really, if you have to sit in bed and look at your toes while you ring in the New Year, they should at least be glittery and festive, right?


Love Being A Nonny said...

Ha ha too funny! I am not at all tired of hearing about your leg. That's a big deal! Hope he finds the polish.....love it!