5 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all were 5 months old yesterday! 

5 months is a fun, fun age.  Every day you all do something new or make a new sound and we are all just amazed by you both. 

You both are sleeping well- often through the night but sometimes waking once to eat. 

Last week we started a more structured naptime routine and y'all have done really well taking 2 long naps (in the cribs) and several short naps throughout the day.  You all are wearing 3-6 month  and some 6-9 month clothes.  You both like babyfood now that I mix the cereal, vegetables, and fruit all together.  We had to take the swings down because you all have gotten so big, they couldn't swing.  We brought in the exersaucers to replace them and you both love them. 

Lyla James your sweet but feisty little personality keeps us laughing!  You are becoming more accepting of strangers, but not if they try to hold you or get too close or sneeze or talk too loudly- haha!  You love your bumbo seat because you can see everything going on.  You "talk" constantly and loudly- I think you've caught on that that's a requirement in this family.  When I am feeding you, you grab the spoon and bring it to your mouth- the look of determination on your face while you try to do this is something to see! 
Mary Connor, you are a busy bee- you roll over and scoot on your back so much we had to put y'all in seperate cribs.  Your bottom front teeth are coming in and driving you crazy.  Your hair is really growing and it's very dark.  Your big sister is very worried for you because it sticks straight up on top "like a boy's."  You squeal with delight everytime Anna Cate or Brian walk in the room.

We love you both more each and every day!