Snow Fun

All weekend we were anticipating the snow to come last night.  We bought gloves, got the sled out, and the kids went to sleep with school already cancelled.  My uncle told them last year that his students in South Carolina used to wear their pajamas backward to bring the snow.  I don't know if she made it up or was told by someone at school, but Anna Cate also added sleeping with a spoon under your pillow and an orange on the window sill.  Regardless, we did all three. 

The forecasts were correct- we got about 5 inches of snow


The babies took it all in, but were more interested in the kids sledding in our yard.

*It is very difficult to take a picture of someone while you are holding them

We sled, had many snowball fights, made snow angels, ate snow icream, and came in to
warm up with hot chocolate. 
Over and over.
We are all happily tired after a great day.
The good news is school has been canceled for tomorrow!


Julie Bouckenooghe said...

Adorable, Michelle!