Great Aunt Mary

Last week my phone rang at  9pm on Thursday night.  I had on of those moments of not wanting to pick up the phone because I knew it was my dad calling to tell me Great Aunt Mary had passed away.  She had been admitted to the hospital the week before and told she had brain cancer. 
This past spring she underwent treatment for lung cancer and never missed a beat- continuing right along with her full social calendar and hair appointments.  So, while I knew she was very sick, I was shocked to hear that she was no longer living. 
I had great plans for her to meet her namesake, our Mary Connor.  While MC now has a special angel watching over her, selfishly I'm sad that we weren't able to introduce them. She lived in New York and I wasn't able to work out getting there for the funeral, so I've been pretty bummed.
One thing Great Aunt Mary loved was a good Manhattan (the cocktail).  Earlier today I received a text from my aunt in New York with a picture from the lunch held after the funeral.  They had a Manhattan fountain...perfect!


Anonymous said...


I was not at the services; however, my mother said it was very "touching." Wasn't Aunt Mary a wonderful person with a great spirit? Five days before she died, I spend some time with her at the hospital. She had us laughing so hard we were wiping he tears away! What a gem 'til tne end!

Sharon Corbett Zazzara
PS Love your blog!