It's parent-teacher conference time at our school.  Last week the kid's got report cards and both teacher's this year are great about communicating the daily happening's in the classroom, so we knew going in that both Anna Cate and Brian are doing well.  All that to say, I was a nervous wreck all morning. There was no real reason for me to be, but one of my greatest challenges as a parent is to get over trying to be a perfectionist.
Because AC and B were born prematurely, they were evaluated when they were about 8 months old to make sure they were hitting important milestones.  The facilitator came to her our house and did a series of tests.  Everything was going well until the last test.  The lady brought out a ball and showed it to the babies.  Then, she rolled it under the sofa....the babies continued playing.  They were supposed to look for the ball under the sofa.  I can not tell you the amount of time I spent throwing any number of things under the sofa trying to get them to look for the object.
Their beloved lovies finally did it, if anyone is curious