A New Year

Happy New Year!  We had a faux count-down waaay before midnight so our little one's could be included...and because midnight is just plain late in our world right now. 

I love New Years Day- the idea of starting fresh and the promise of change through the upcoming year.  Every New Year's Day I walk through the house making a list of organization and home improvement projects that need to be done throughout the year.  Considering our home was built in 1928 and with the size of our family, you can imagine that the to-do list is several pages long.

Seeing that I find it hard to clean out a closet right now, I quickly started feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Then, I remembered  a conversation I had with a wise friend about the different seasons of life, especially motherhood. She was saying that when you have young children and babies, it is a season that requires most of your focus and time.  As your children grow older, you enter a new season and have more time for other things.

This year I hope to be more intentional with my family, friends, and even strangers. I don't want these precious moments to slip by because I'm "busy."  My resolution for this year is to treasure this season and the people God has put around me.

You crown the year with Your good blessings, and You leave abundance in Your wake Psalm 65:11

So this may not be my season for repairing plaster and organizing the linen closet. And that is better than ok.

After all, these cheeks must be kissed at least 2,357 times per day.


Jennifer said...

LOVE THIS, Michelle. So very true...