11 years ago today T and I were busy with wedding rehearsal events and getting ready for our wedding the following day. 

I knew T was "my one" within 15 minutes of our first date and I can remember telling my roommate "I've met my husband,"  when I got home that night.

I love that God gave us 4 years to figure out how to be a couple before we were parents...He certainly knew we needed it.  They were sweet, sweet years and we learned so much and grew up alot.
I can remember our first disagreement as a married couple...it was over the proper storage of ketchup once it was opened....in the pantry or the fridge...a quick call to my parents confirmed what I already knew...the fridge, of course.
We really learned to look toward each other in those years.  I learned the solution to a disagreement wasn't, "I'm going home," but that my home was now with T.

When God gave us the gift of a baby, we were both excited and terrified.  When that pregnancy resulted in an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in me coming very close to death because my tube ruptured and I had internal bleeding for days, we faced the first of many obstacles.

After having AC and B

Our first days as parents weren't easy... both babies in the NICU + 2 unexperienced parents= lots of tears and a hormonal momma screaming at a nurse who dared to give her baby a bottle when she was trying to breastfeed.  Luckily, T loves me despite my quirks and had learned how to deal with them.

AC and B's 4th bithday party
The past 11 years have been filled with so many blessings, including struggles that I now consider blessings because we had to trust and depend on each other to get through them.

playing dress up

AC's Fancy Nancy 5th birthday party...T and B were the butlers

Us with the baby girls
I remember a friend asking me how the married life was about a year after our wedding and saying, "It's the best thing ever.  I didn't know it would be so fun."
After 11 years, I love that I still feel that way.