A Heart for Giving

So, last week I posted about Katie and I am still blown away.  I read through parts with AC and B because I wanted them to see how someone so young can make a huge impact when they are willing to follow God's plan.  I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that at times, so I'm sure their 7 year old brains do too.

T and I have been brainstorming about additional ways to teach our children the importance of giving.  This came up again over the weekend while we were at the mall.  AC and B asked for every little thing they saw.  They were fine when we said no, but I was shocked by how much they wanted.  After a stern talk, that included reminders of the children they had seen in Uganda who just want a meal that day, we continued shopping.

While walking through a department store, we made a little detour to the handbag department so I could visit with a bag I have obsessed over for months. As I was picturing myself with this love of a bag, I saw AC and B watching me.  Talk about a moment of clarity.  It appears I too need a stern talk.  The cost of that bag could likely sustain one of those children for a year.  And while I would probably never run out and buy it for myself, no wonder my crew is asking for everything....their mother is visiting a handbag.

Which brings me to this, what do you do to teach your children to have giving hearts?  We are thinking of having plain rice for dinner once a week and using that money to sponsor a child...or something along those lines, so they (we) can really feel the sacrafice to give.  Other ways we give don't usually mean that our children have to give something up.  So let me hear from you, I want (and obviously need) some ideas!


Anonymous said...

I take my 14 year old son to a homeless shelter for women and children once a month. Some men in our church cook breakfast for them and the we serve the breakfast. I was a bit hesitant at first out of fear of the unknown but it has been life changing. He and I both have learned but for the GRACE of God that could be us. There are mothers and children there that literally do not know where their next meal will come from. WE all needed this lesson because he is always telling us what he wants but when we ask what does he plan to give he has a deer in the headlights look. My husband and I are guilty as well. I love a good "bag" myself and he wants anything Chicage Bears. Keep up the great work.
-Chaka Langston

Unknown said...

What a great experience for you and your son!