today consisted of:
1. Waking up to a non-working dipose-all that backed up while the dishwaher ran during the night,
2.  A very fussy MC who is getting 6 teeth at one time, resulting in a diaper rash like I've never seen.
3.  2 very tired 7 year olds who are feeling the time change.

On a positive note:
1.  The plumber was super perplexed by the fact that a very teensy-tiny stuffed bunny manged to find it's way into our dispose-all...m ?Never blinked an eye.  We aim to please at on the job surprises.
2.  MC has found her power with walking..she is a lady on the move and loves to raid big sister's closet for handbags and sparkly shoes... she props that purse on her shoulder and attempts to put the shoes on and watch out!
3.  Early bed times...Amen and good night!