15 Months

Today we had LJ and MC's 15 month well check visit, so I thought I would do an update for memory's sake.

Lyla James, you weigh 26 pounds and you are 33 inches tall (97th percentile)....I think you are going to be a tall girl! The pediatrician laughed at your refusal to stand up (you will if something is out of your reach and your big brother isn't at your beck and call)

 You are a great eater and pretty much eat whatever is offered.  You love books, play food, and music.  You do not like when a toy is taken from you and have taken to biting MC when this happens...lovely.
Words you are saying:  what's this (while pointing), Bubby (Brian), sissy, daddy, no, momma, girl

Mary Connor, you weigh 22 pounds and you are 29 1/4 inches tall (25 th percentile).  You are on the move and walk around so proud of yourself. 

You are so busy, it's hard to get a picture of you that isn't blurry!
You too are a great eater, but you especially love fruit.
You like the push behind toys and will push LJ around the whole house.  You also love music.
Words you are saying:  Daddy, momma, yes, and mo (more)

You both are obsessed with the washer and dryer...the minute y'all hear them turn on, you both race into the laundry room and laugh and clap for them...
We love and cherish you both!