This Christmas...

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  Love everything about it.
Since having children, T and I have been striving to incoorporate the fun of the season- Santa, our elf, presents while keeping our focus on the reason for the season- our Savior's birth.  This year it seems to be really weighing on my heart.  The stories of the craziness on Black Friday make me sick to my stomach.  How have we gotten it so wrong? 
I'm guilty too, having spent way too much time trying to find the things on our children's wish list and wanting to make their dreams come true with stuff. 
Last year we started doing a Jesse Tree... a wonderful way to have family time and read Scripture in a tangible way that is great for little ones.

And today I was so happy to be introduced to Light 'Em Up 2011...this is what I have been after.  I feel like we (I) have gotten so wrapped up in material things, we have forgotten the true spirit of giving..things from the heart that don't cost a lot of money, but take time. 
Isn't it always harder to give your time?
 This site gives great ideas for ways to teach your children the joy of giving to trash collectors, needy families, drive-thru workers, etc. 
We love playing Santa and making our children's wishes come true and our elf, Frosty, is expected to make his debut tonight,

but I am praying for a Christmas season with our eyes and hearts filled with the waiting and watching for the most beautiful Story ever written.