11 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 11 months old today!

enjoying the tiaras at big sister's party yesterday 

 Lyla James, you are on the move!  You crawl everywhere with great ease and love going into your big brother and sister's rooms while I'm changing MC.

 You love music with a beat and dance the moment you hear it, noodles, and pumpkin, and Da-Da.
You don't love getting dressed, squash, and strangers.
You continue to be the image of your Daddy, in looks and personality,
I am so impressed that you have warmed up to other's giving you a bottle: as of today, Ac and Maryanna have met your expectations!
You are a cuddle bug and "give love"

Giving love to Papa

Loving Nana

 Mary Connor, you may walk at any moment!  You stand without support and laugh like crazy when we hold your finger while you walk.  You are into everything- especially the art cabinet- is that  a sign?

You don't love rice, strangers, and being held- you could probably win an olympic race in your crawling speed

AC gave Nana a manicure during their visit....
Our Nana is a talented knitter.  Months ago AC asked her to knit a pink and purple dress and B asked for a Tennessee Vols sweater to wear to the games this fall..... Nana far exceeded their expectations!


JMom said...

So sweet! Precious pictures!!