Another Year Has Passed...

Birthday breakfast- blueberry pancakes with chocolate whipped topping for B

7 years ago today Daddy and I went in for our routine weekly check-up and ultra sound, and left with instructions to return to the hospital at 3 pm- it was baby day!!

LJ enjoying the pancake breakfast

Nothing could have prepared us for the miracle of you two.

Mary Connor enjoyed the pancakes too...each bite was followed with "mmmmm"

We came home- after stopping to pick up my monogrammed robe, if that tells you anything about my state of mind...

AC's birthday pancakes with plain whipped topping..

For 2 hours- between dusting, mopping, mowing the lawn, and calling everyone we knew- we would stop and high-five because FINALLY our dream was coming true!

And nothing has been the same since that fateful day....

and now y'all are 7!
and we still look at each other and high-five because we can't believe the miracle of you two.


Theresa said...

What a sweet post!

Happy seventh birthday to your twins!!

Caitlin said...

Aw, that's so nice! Hope your big twins had a great birthday - I'm sure the little twins had fun celebrating with them! Delighted that you are following my blog!