Same vs. different classes

At the end of the school year, Todd and I decided we would put AC and B in the same class next year.  Well, now that the school year is getting closer, we are really struggling with our decision. 

The pros:
1.  We want them to work out their competitive issues now, instead of down the road.  I really think it's important since they are in a small school and will be in a lot of the same classes when they move to the upper school.
2.  Same homework, activities, fieldtrips,etc- I nearly went crazy last year trying to keep up with who had to do what, who needed to take what in, etc.
3.  I love working in their classrooms and our school is great about encouraging parental involvement.  But trying to be available for 2 different classes is hard, especially with babies at home.

The cons:
1.  We have 2 very different personalities here.  One is very strong and the other is ok with letting the strong one be their "voice." We are seeing this change as they get older, but I'm a little afraid this could lead to problems. 
2.  Tattling on each other- the one year they were in the same class for preschool, this was an issue. 
3.  This is probably the biggest- When asked, they don't want to be in the same class.  And while they are aware that it isn't their decision, I keep going back to this.  They are super close, but they do argue and fight.  How is that going to play out in a classroom?

That's all I can come up with at the moment.  But, I would love to hear from any of you have or are currently dealing with this!


Annie said...

Katie and I were a grade apart, but when I was in kindergarden (and she in 1st grade) we were able to take an elective together and have recess together. (We also took a lot of classes together in high school, although obviously that's a different situation.) On the one hand, I LOVED having a class with my big sister, and teachers loved having us together since we behaved well in school. On the other hand, I think it was good to develop on my own some without her influence. Just being in the same school (sharing lunch, recess, or friends) can have a huge influence, so it was good to have some time apart. I think if you can stand the craziness of dealing with two schedules, you should let them be in different classes.

As for having more classes together down the road, I think we were old enough at that point to leave our issues at home and actually bonded together during our classes. Having a few class periods together (when everyone has a different schedule and you're not with the same group of kids all day) is very different than spending the entire day together, with the same peers.

But your kids are great! I'm sure they will do well with whatever decision you make.

michelle said...

Thanks, Annie! If my children come out as well as you girls, we will be happy!

Anonymous said...

I have an identical twin sister and we were together K-12 (except for 4th grade) and I plan on keeping my identical twin girls together, if it's an option. It worked well for us, but I'm sure things are different with b/g twins. My sister and I were VERY competitive and I personally think that we excelled in school because of it. If I saw her studying, then I would study, too! And it was easier on our parents that way, like you mentioned, too. Good luck either way! (I LOVE your blog, btw! I always wonder if I'd have twins again! Your kiddos are just precious!)

michelle said...

Kristi, I've never thought of the competition thing like that, but I can see how it might work to their advantage! Thanks!
Thank you for your kind words. You just might have twins again and I will say,the second time around is just as fun!

Caitlin said...

Very interesting post. I'm a teacher, but I've never had twins in my class. From the twins I've watched go to the school system though, I've realised that it's a personal decision that varies in each family, and it can vary from year to year. Big decision, I'm sure with the amount of thought you've put into it that you've made the correct decision.

Also being a teacher has made me contemplate the class format I'll put my triplets into - and they aren't even born yet! Our school is only double streamed though, so I would imagine it wouldn't be good in the early years to separate one child from the other two. It's nice to read your post on the positives on keeping them in the one class.

michelle said...

Caitlin- yes, triplets would make the decision even harder, I'm sure. A friend of mine who has triplets, did put one by herself and the 2 boys together for kindergarten and it seemed to work well, but you have plenty of time to think about that!

Theresa said...

This is a normal issue among twins. When I taught pre-school, parents of multiples were all over the place on this. I would suggest talking to the school about your concerns and asking the teacher what her recommendation may be. Find out if you start them off together or apart and then want to do the opposite, would that be allowable. In my experience, only once you are actually DOING something (like have them in school) can you figure out exactly the best approach.

michelle said...

Thanks, Theresa....we are going to meet with the dean of students next week....great point about if we will be able to switch if things aren't working out!