A Fun Day

After this crazy week of sickness, we were ready for a little adventure today and since it's hotter than blazes, we headed to a nearby town to play in the natural springs and explore the caves. 

 It so nice and cool in the caves, I could have pitched a tent and stayed until October, when it might be a little cooler.

 AC and B feeding the trout....all was going great until B decided he would like to try catching a fish with his bare hands!

 Wading in the springs....the water was so cold!

The babies taking it all in......

2 funny stories from today:
-We stopped at a little cafe for lunch. It got quite busy and there were only 2 girls serving tables.  When our server came to clear away our dishes, Brian said, "Wow, you have your hands full!  If you will tell me where to take our dishes, I'll clear our table."  That boy's sweet heart just gets me.
- When we got to the caves and we were trying to get the babies loaded in the stroller and situated, AC and B were standing by the car watching a large motorcycle group pull into the parking lot.  One lady saw them watching and said, "Maybe when you all get a little older, y'all can ride."  AC quickly said, "We aren't allowed to in our family.  Mama says it's tacky."  I thought I was going to die!  And for the record, I have said they are dangerous, not tacky....but whatever keeps them away from motorcyles works, I guess.