Marriage Advice and Date Night

Today's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner is about marriage advice. 

While I certainly don't feel like I'm in a position to give marital advice, after almost 11 years of a great marriage, I will offer these tips:

1.  My favorite, which I shared on our 10th anniversary remains to be true: 

We had a book at our wedding for the guests to write well wishes or advice. I love to go back and read what everyone wrote, but my favorite is by my uncle, Rick. He wrote: "Todd, begin every day thinking how you will help Michelle that day. Michelle, begin every day thinking how you will help Todd that day."

2.  Let God be the center of the marriage and the 2 of you be the balance.  Neither Todd or I are exactly laid back, but by letting God lead us, we are able to strike a balance for who must "freak" and who must be "laid back."    Very important if you are both Type A!

In other news, tonight is Anna Cate's night for date night with Daddy....
She has been so excited and wrote him a note this morning with the time of their reservation so he wouldn't forget.....perhaps we have another type A in the future?


suitedperfectly4eternity said...

Thanks for the great advice!! I love that sweet note someone wrote in your wedding book......so true!!! Thanks for sharing.....you have a beautiful family!!
xo Joanna D.

Theresa said...

Great advice!

Always Learning said...

So precious! You are so blessed. I love the verse in Hebrews that says "He rewards those who earnestly seek Him" and girl, you look like you are being rewarded!


Unknown said...

Thank you all!
Lori- that is a beautiful verse and I thank you for your sweet comment!