Getting a Record

AC and B can drive a person crazy with their fussing, teasing and competing.  But, they have a bond that is unbelievable.  Just wanted to record a few glimpses I've gotten of this over the past few days so I can go back and read it during the "driving me crazy" moments.
About a hour after their bedtime last night, B woke up very upset from a nightmare.  I didn't think AC was awake, but when I went in to check on him later, she had gone in his room to give him her B- a bunny she has had from birth and sprayed his sheets with monster spray- a linen spray we found at the farmer's market that they had to have!
This morning they were playing in their jungle- a huge, old magnolia tree- and AC got stung by a yellow jacket.  I looked out the window to see B stumbling up our steep yard with AC on his back.  While I was trying to get her inside, he ran to get an ice pack and neosporin for her sting.