Motherhood- It's A Humbling Job

AC came home from cousin camp Monday running a fever and with a stomach ache.  After a trip to the pediatrician's, we know it is a virus and must be what the babies have had as well. 
When we woke up this morning, everyone seemed to be feeling better, so we went to the mall to do some shopping for school shoes. 
By the time we got there, it was lunch time, so we headed to the food court.  We sat down in a really crowded space and the kids ate while I fed the babies their lunch.  Mary Conner was over being in the stroller so I got her out, finished feeding them, and attempted to eat my own lunch while holding a determined-to-sample-my-food 11 month old.
Suddenly I heard a man-like burp come from the stroller and watched as Lyla James vomitted her lunch.  I tried to put Mary Connor back in the stroller, but she has figured out if she arches her back, plants her feet, and screams like crazy, it makes it difficult.  Lots of kids were around us and I could hear them saying, "Gross!"  Poor Lyla James.
About that time a woman came over and said "Can I help you?  Wow, are they twins?  Are these guys (meaning AC and B) also twins?  Wow,you have 2 sets of twins?  You might want to stop now or you could end up with 3 sets!"  Blank stare.  I'm sure she was just tring to be helpful, but really, what was she going to do?  Clean up my child's vomit?
With the article I linked to yesterday on my mind, I called out over my shoulder as me and the crew sprinted away, "That would be a huge blessing!  This is the best job EVER!"


Theresa said...

We have all had a stomach virus around here too. Yuck! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Unknown said...

Ah, classic mummy moment. Good on you for staying positive! Hope Lyla James is improving.