What I'm Loving Wednesday....

I am loving  Pinterest....this is so much fun, though slightly addictive!  I have wasted lots of time on here lately.

I'm loving these bags from k.Mac .  Megan and I grew up together and reconnected through blogging.  I can't wait to get my new bag, if I can ever choose a fabric!  I love them all!

As our teething struggles continue, we are all loving the baby safe feeder.  The girls love frozen cantaloupe and honeydew in these!

Most of all I'm loving that it's summer!  I'm so looking forward to having all my little one's home and being on a more relaxed schedule!!


Greer's Gossip said...

I have got to look into this pininterest. So many people are chatting about it! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Krystle said...

Yes, I too have recentley found Pinterest and it can be sooo addicting and time consuming haha! Everything in moderation, right?! :)

Kit said...

You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I'm loving that it's Summer too <3


Mommy Mac said...

Hidy Michelle!

Thanks for spreading the k.Mac love!

Pinterest....hmmmm....sounds interesting. I will have to check it out.

Gotta get your blog on my sidebar of favorites!

.mac :)