Back to School Traditions

Kelly's topic for this week's Show Us Your Life is back to school traditons.  Thanks to Pinterest, I  have seen so many good ideas.  Our only real tradton is the back to school fairy, whch I had never heard of until last year when a  sweet friend offered to put together bags for AC and B from the fairy since I was in the hosptal on bedrest.  The back to school fairy delivered the bags to the hosptal and AC and B loved it.  We continued the traditon this year, adding the stipulaton that you must be super excited about going back to school for her to come!

Ths year's goodies were an odd assortment as the back to school fairy forgot to buy anythng untl she was in Pier 1 the day before school started and had to make due!

We always do the frst day pictures....here is a look back over the years..
3 years old, preschool
Not the frst day, but the only one I could fnd.  Apparently I didn't do a first day picture...can you imagine?

4 years old, preschool

they look so tiny!

5 years old, pre-k

 6 years old, Kindergarten

I was still in the hosiptal, having had the baby girls a few days before, so I wasn't able to take them for thier first day.... Iwas so upset, but thanks to good friends, it all worked out great.

Anna Cate visting wth Lyla James and telling her all about her first day.

7years old, 1st grade


Unknown said...

Your kids are just precious! And so fun that you can look back over the years and see how they've grown! Hope you all have a wonderful school year :)

Suzanne said...

Isn't it amazing? My youngest will be starting first grade this year and she seems so old!

But when I look back at photos of our son, I think "he looks so little!" and I'm usually only looking at the last year's school pictures! This year he's in 4th grade!

Never mind that, my oldest daughter is starting 8th grade, now that's worth crying about!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love the idea of the Back to School Fairy! I will have to borrow that idea for my girls!

Theresa said...

So, so cute!

I love the back to school fairy idea!