It Ain't Easy

I had planned on us facing some issues during 1st grade...
I had even written them down with hopes of checking them off the list as we dealt with them
(because I do love checking things off a list)
But we are facing some issues I hadn't planned on or put on the list, and it is tough.
1st grade has me on my knees praying every night and praying in pick-up line every afternoon.
I need a how-to book for 1st grade.
I need guidelines for when to let them handle it themselves and when to be their advocate.
I need guidelines for when to let them fail and when to offer a helping hand.
I guess as much as I want my children to learn to stand on their own 2 feet, I still want to protect them even though I know they have to learn to bring home their homework agendas, deal with different personalities, and to understand the fine line between turning the other cheek and defending yourself.
1st grade is a whole new ballgame.


Mom of the Fab 4!! said...

I agree! Boomer(aka, Zoe) started 1st grade this year too and I was feeling the same way!! I feel for ya!!