Wow, how is it already Friday?

  In the midst of trying to prepare for the little girl's birthday party, getting the big kids ready to go back to school, and soaking up our last days of summer, this week has flown by!
We went shoe shopping today for the big kids-
tennis shoes for PE, everday shoes, chapel shoes, and cleats for fall sports x 2 = 1 worn out mommy
I couldn't help but think ahead to the years that this will be x 4. 
Thankfully, the task was made easier since Nana And Papa met us and helped juggle the 4 kiddos.  We went out to lunch after shopping and I'll just say, there is a very good reason we most often do take-out vs. dining out.  The little girls were not happy with their high chairs and it was nap time. 
Need I say more?
So looking forward to the weekend!