A question...

Summer is slowly winding down.  Many schools around us have already started back, but we have a little over the week to cram in some last minute adventures and appointments.
We had AC and B's 7 ear well-check today.  Just to remember, here are their stats:
B- 57lbs/ 50 inches tall
AC- 56lbs/47 3/4 inches tall
I'm struggling with something and would love to hear y'alls thoughts and advice.  Last Friday we went to a children's museum.  Before we were leaving, we stopped by the restroom.  I am uncomfortable with B going into the men'ss room alone, so when I am out with them by myself, I have him go in the women's with the rest of us. 
When we went in the women's room, there was a group of girls from a camp changing into their swimsuits to play in the fountains at a nearby park.  They weren't in the stalls, they were right out in the open.  When seeing B, one of the camp counselors  asked that he wait outside until the girls finished changing.  That was fine- I understand  and support this age wanting privacy, especially with the opposite sex.
But it has me thinking: at what age are they old enough to go in a restroom alone?


Katie@Team Skelley said...

Argh, I know that is tough. Cooper started going in restrooms by himself when he was about 5. I would be lying if I said I did not feel anxiety every time he does, but I just had to sit down and talk to him and tell him not to talk to anyone and let me know if anyone acted strange or touched him. And pray that someone doesn't.

Theresa said...

I don't know. I don't have boys. That is a tough call. I think I may base it on where we are and how safe I feel there.

Sam I Am said...

Wow! I have no clue! I have all girls...except the two youngest are boys. I will face this problem too one day. I don't like my girls to go by themselves, as there are some sick, sick people out there. Don't you love the places that have family restrooms? If you find an answer, please share!

Unknown said...

Family restrooms should be a requirement, in my opinion! Not helping, I'm sure, I just finished reading Jaycee Dugard's book.

Anonymous said...

My son starting going to the boys room at 6 years old. I wait outside the door and if necessary I will talk to him while he is in there from the door. That way I know that he is ok and just keeping tabs. Letting go is hard but tell him the process of not talking to strangers and what he should do while in there and he should be fine.