This time last year..

I was in the hospital knowing I would be there until our sweet girls were delivered.  My blood pressure was crazy high and my doctors were afraid I was going to have a stroke, so I sat in a hospital bed for 3 weeks and no complications ever came...(thank you Dr. Barbara Luke!)  But it was an experience I think of every time I drive by the hospital, which is every day in our smaller town.

Some highlights:

1.  Being charged $85 for a box fan for my room- worth every penny since I've never in my life been that hot, despite the fact that it was lost when I was transferred to delivery.

2.  Sweet Todd calling me to say, "So, how do you turn the oven on?" and reading "Home Comforts" to learn how to do laundry...though he proved to be an excellect pedicurist.

3.  Brian loved the bed position controllers at the end of the hospital bed...I would be twisted like a pretzel every time he came.

4.  Being "forced" to eat ice cream every afternoon.

5.  The books I read....stacks and stacks surrounded me...I will probably never read so many again.

6.  The amzing amout of support our friends and family showed us...one of our biggest fears about having more children was that I might be be put on bedrest...thanks to our wonderful circle, they lightened that load and I never worried about the care of my children or them being fed!