Good Times

Love weekends like this one....
easy pace, fun family and friends in town, and we made it to Sunday School and church!

 Cousin AJ andhis girlfriend, Charlotte...

... plus cousin Rachel. 
We spent the day browing the shops downtown and having a great lunch followed by a stop for cupcakes and cookies.

 Lyla James and AJ sharing her first chocolate chip cookie.

 plus Aunt Carol

 Anna Cate was hooked to Charlotte's and Rachel's hips all day.  She cried herself to sleep when they were leaving.

This is how we've been finding Brian asleep lately...that football is a part of him!

A quick snap before Sunday School and Church this morning...no time for a do-over!


Mom of the Fab 4!! said...

I love how you have alot of your kids clothes monogrammed!They are all soo cute! Love your blog too! Jen

Unknown said...

Thank you...I have a thing for monograms and a good friend who has a monogramming machine- a dangerous combination!