Dear Mr. Appliance Repair Man,

When I told you on the phone today that it is vitally importnat that you fix my washing machine today, I meant it.  I thought that by sharing with you that I typically do 3 to 4 loads of wash per day, you would understand the importance of my problem.  Because you didn't show today, I am forced to close my eyes when I look at the kid's laundry baskets.  Maybe your phone battery is dead and that is why you didn't answer my marathon of calls this afternoon?  Please know that my eye is twitching at the idea of the amount of laundry I will be faced with if you don't show tomorrow and the eye twitch is never a good thing.

Sincerely yours,
A desperate-to-do-laundry-Mama


Unknown said...

Hope he turns up, do not want the eye twitching to get out of control.