What to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

Dance- off, of course!
I know you have to dangle your head to the side to enjoy this video and I have spent way too much time trying to turn it, with no luck, but go ahead and dangle, this boy's moves are worth it.

Later in the day, when we were especially desperate to "get the jumps out", Daddy to the rescue!

Sorry, Honey, but is anyone else reminded of Bill Cosby in "The Huxstables?"


brooke said...

Talk about moves! Celebrity dance here he comes!

Theresa said...

Lol. your husband is too funny. my husband has the same moves ;-)

your house is beautiful, btw!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

elvin_langston said...

That video is great!! I love to see daddies getting involved with their children.