The big kids and I got crafty Sunday afternoon and made a family of ghosts...


B....snaggle tooth and all

LJ... her newest trick is sticking out her tounge


As with all of my projects, things didn't go as planned.  I had a hard time finding the tiniest tomato cages and had to use the 42 inch.  Which would have been fine except I had already gotten all of the white felt my fabric store had, so we used off-white felt....we have dirty ghosts...which maybe is more fitting to us anyway.

Second challenge was I decided to just hot glue the ghosts together since I'm not really speaking to my sewing machine at the moment...well, I didn't make the ghosts big enough resulting in ghosts that need to watch what they eat.

All that being said, the kids LOVE them and that is what we were going for...

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Sam I Am said...

Those are so cute!