Small(er) Town Living

When looking to relocate T's business and our family 4 years ago, we had the opportunity to choose anywhere in the Southeast....one of the small list of privleges in owning your own business during these times.
 After visiting many places we visited our current town...and then we visited again...and again.
We both agreed it just felt right for our family.
It wasn't a suburb (nothing wrong with the 'burbs, it just wasn't what we wanted), the pride of community was amazing, and it was very family-focused.
As we walked around at our town's fall art show and festival today, I was reminded of how blessed we feel to be part of this community. 
We know every other person we pass:  hugs are exchanged, we see teachers, Sunday School teachers, old friends, new friends, many laughs are exchanged because B dumps his funnel cake all over the baby girls in the stroller, a sweet friend has a booth with cameo lockets which AC has been dying for...
They know our story, we know their's.
It isn't perfect,
we have shed a lot of tears..over babies born too early, not at all...marriages that were facing trouble, marriages that didn't make it...financial troubles, children trouble, you name it.
But as we left the festival, T and I both looked at each other and said how happy we are with our decision to move here.
After 4 years, it still just feels right.