Last night AC, B, and I set out to spread a little Halloween cheer in our neighborhood.

We put lots of candy, halloween stickers, straws, and erasers in pails along with the you've been booed poem and We've Been Booed sign for them to hang on their door so other's will know.  The instructions say you have 2 days to boo someone else in the neighborhood. 
AC and B thought it was so much fun!  It would prooably be better if you went when it was dark since you are supposed to leave the treats and run, but they go to bed at 7:30 so we went when it was still light....they still thought it a blast!
I printed the signs from Tom Kat Studios...they are supposed to be purple and orange, but apparently our ink is low.

MC is loving that she can walk...she laughs and laughs the whole time.  LJ watches and claps...such a sweet sister...but that doesn't mean it's stirring her to try.  MC took a pretty big fall today and busted her lip...poor baby!

Todd went to meet my dad this afternoon to exchange kiddos so the cousins can have a weekend together.  He offered to take the little girl's along with him, so I could take dinner and visit with a friend who just had twins. 
3 whole hours to mysef! 
 Well, things didn't go as planned.
Suffice it to say, the afternoon included breaking into my own house and climbing in a window after locking myself out, and then praying no one called the police because a woman was crawling in the window at the Sparkman's.
All in a day's work, right?