Happy Halloween!

We started the day off with green monster smoothies....

When I gave B his, I said "It's a green monster smoothie.  Are you scared?"
He looked at me and with his dry sense of humor said, "Terrified, just terrified."

Because their class had projects due for a book of their choice, they had to dress as a character in their book.
Brian chose Caps for Sale
and AC chose an Amelia Bedilia book.

We had big plans to trick-or-treat downtown this afternoon, at our church's trunk-or-treat, stop for a quick dinner, and then I would get the baby girls to bed while T and my dad (thank goodness he was here! the extra hands were appreciated and loved!)  took the big kids out in our neighborhood.

This pretty much sums up the result of those plans...

It was proclaimed to be "the best Halloween ever" and now they are all tucked in their beds anxious for the Great Pumpkin to make a visit, take away their candy (minus 7 pieces, because they are 7 years old) and in return, leave a little happy.

Happy, happy Halloween to you all!