The Week in Pics..

This week is our school's homecoming, so the kids got to dress up every day for spirit week.
I'm especially grateful that we wear uniforms after the drama one of my children caused over finding an appropriate outfit for every day!

 Blast from the past day- the love for this costume hasn't faded.
Brian went as a 1980's boy, but he wasn't in a picture taking kind of mood Monday.
Tuesday was tacky twin day.  B and his 2 friends who also play football planned to wear their uniforms...done.
AC and her friend spent a hour on the phone coordinating....a very exhausting hour that had me thinking it might be best if we move to a deserted island for the teen years.

 Wednesday was crazy hair day.....they asked me to make thir hair really big...
 what they didn't know is I'm quite efficient at teasing seeing that I was slightly of the generation who had "the bangs."

 Thursday was dress as your favorite super hero, book/movie character.  B went as a Marine.
Apparently MC is loving the uniform and B is super happy.

 AC as Kit Kittredge and as equally happy.

 Today was spirit day and since I didn't get a picture this morning I got one at the pumpkin patch this afternoon.

 This is the best of the bunch for a group shot.  Fitting, really,  as it seems we are headed in a million directions lately.

a shot from last year at the pumpkin patch...

LJ was loving these little pumpkins, so she of course came home with one!
So excited for a great weekend and hope y'all have one too!