Just want to share

I always knew my addiction to reality TV would pay off.....

This summer while watching one of my favorites, Flipping Out, the salon owner, Chaz Dean, mentioned something about his haircare line of products.

Everyone I've mentioned this to says, "Oh yes, I've seen the infomercial a million times."  Well, as stated previously, I apparently live under a rock because I have yet to see the infomercial.

But, I did go to Chaz's website for line, Wen and ordered.

This stuff is amazing, really!
It took me a little while to get used to it since it's just a creamy-conditioner-like thing and then you just rinse it out...no shampoo and then conditioner.

But I noticed immediately that my hair looked a lot healthier, seemed thicker, etc.

It's about $30 a month which includes the cleanser, deep treatment cream, styling cream, and texture cream...so not really more than any other good product out there.

I think it goes without saying, but I wasn't paid or reimbursed for this post, just wanted to pass on a great find!