Look Who's Walking!

Yesterday Mary Connor took her first steps!
She does not like to fall, so she is very cautious- one little wobble and she slowly lowers herself down on her bottom.  She is so funny!
The big kids were so excited they got to see her take her first steps and spent the day trying to get her to walk to them.
Lyla James is not at all interested in walking and who can blame her?  One peep and her brother runs over, picks her up, and takes her to wherever she wants to go.  Really, why exert yourself?


Love Being A Nonny said...


Kelly said...

omgoodness what a cutie pie! she is so sweet lowering herself down like that...such a little girl! my boy just ran and then crashed...so different even young! i love their names! I love the mixture of feminine and masculine...must be a southern thing...but I totally adore it!

Unknown said...

Thank you! Brian was the same way- full steam ahead and lots of bruises! All of our children have family names, so they are very special to us!