A Boy's Weekend

Cousin B came to spend the weekend with Brian and AC went to spend the weekend celebrating Cousin L's birthday. 

These boys are best buddies and so easy!  They climbed trees, dug for worms, rode the zip line, played Donkey Kong and played with the little girls so sweetly....
 B has little ones at his house too, so he thought nothing of lending in a hand in getting MC dressed...such a sweet helper!

This cracks me up...the little girls look so confused as to why the boys are in their exersaucers.

I took them to see Dolphin Tale...I don't usually like going to the movies, in fact I can't even think of the last one I went to see, but this is a really great one!  So many life lessons to take away from it- perserverence, finding a passion, loyalty. 

The girls are doing really well with eating with a spoon, though they usually use both the spoon and their hand so it's nice and messy.

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!