8 Months

Lyla James and Mary Connor, y'all are 8 months old today!!

Lyla James, this is the look you get on your face whenever you see my camera!

Honestly, I feel like these monthly posts are coming faster and faster. 

You both are so much fun these days and it seems like every day you all learn to do something new.

Lyla James, you learned to clap and it's the cutest thing- arms completely straight in front of you and a look of sheer concentration on your face.    You also wave hi and bye- with your hand turned towards you.  You are quite the social butterfly these days and do all of your tricks when someone talks to you.

Mary Connor, I think you will be crawling very soon!  You have figured out how to get from sitting to your stomach and then get up on all four's.  You have become a little skeptical of strangers unless Daddy or I are holding you and then you are fine.  Your teeth have still not come through and they don't seem to be bothering you as much, which is good because I am apparently allergic to the great teeting lotion. 

You both are sleeping really well at night and nap great during the day.  You both love to sit and play with the stacking rings, wooden blocks, and your other toys.
Y'all eat solids 3 times per day:  cereal/veg/fruit for breakfast, yogurt/fruit for lunch, cereal/veg/fruit for dinner
Plus, you both nurse/ have a bottle 5 times per day.

We love you both so much and can't believe you all have been with us 8 months....
time does fly when you are having fun!