The big 4-0

Todd and 3 of our close friend sturn 40 this year, so we had a party to celebrate last night.....with no electricity.
Friday afternoon we had a huge storm,not a tornado, but 80 mph winds.  So many homes were damaged by old, large trees falling.  Thankfully, there were no injuries.  We didn't lose any trees or have any damage to speak of.  We lost power Friday afternoon and it didn't come back on until late last night.
We just lit tons of candles, grilled everything for dinner, and enjoyed being with our great group of friends....so much fun!!

Lauren and Krista of  Lark Events were able to get these cute cupcake toppers to me on very short notice....like late Friday short notice.  Love these girls and highly recommend them for all of your entertaining needs in the Middle Tennessee area!


Meet the Smiths said...

Even without power, it sounds like a wonderful time! Happy 40th to Todd!

P.S. Thanks for following me!

Kenda said...

I think it's great that you turned a potentially negative experience into a time of relaxation and fun. One thing I learned growing up in the South: you only have two choices - learn to weather the storms or move ;) Now following!